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Patient Experiences

Our Purpose, Vision & Value

Our Purpose

To provide care that people trust.

Our Vision

To be a trusted, people-centric, integrated healthcare system as a model for global health.

Our Values

Honesty & Integrity: The practice of honesty fortifies character. Integrity means doing right at all times and willingness to live by the standards and beliefs of the organization.

Teamwork: A collaborative work ecosystem, where the collective efficiencies are harnessed for delivering the best possible care.

Empathy & Compassion: The ability to understand the feelings of patients as well as employees, so that the services delivered are humane and in a supportive work environment.

Education: Continuous learning for the creation of a sustainable healthcare system, where employees and the organization can grow together.

Citizenship: Good governance and appropriate working relationship with all stake- holders, based on compliance to laws and ethical practices.

Equity: Mutual trust based on fair and impartial consideration of all professional matters so that it fosters positive contribution towards the institutional purpose.

Dignity & Respect: Treat all with utmost regard and esteem so that it enhances respect and, in turn, a sense of belonging.