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Doctors Schedule Consultant's name Department
OP Schedule
Days Time
1 Dr. Shailesh Sharma, MD, DM Cardiology Mon- Sat 9.30 am-5pm
2 Dr. Sandeep Pandey, DM Gastroenterology Mon- Sat 11.30 to 7 pm
3 Dr. Sandeep Dave, MS General Laparoscopy  Surgery Mon- Sat 8am to 4 pm
6.30 pm to 8 pm
4 Dr. S. Tamaskar, MS General & Laparoscopy Surgery Mon- Sat 9am to 3 pm
6 pm to 8 pm
5 Dr. J. Naqvi, MS General & Laparoscopy Surgery Mon- Sat 9am to 4pm
6 Dr. Rajesh Gupta, MD General Medicine Mon- Sat 10 am to 4pm
7 Dr. Abbas Naqvi, MD General Medicine Mon- Sat 10 am to 4pm
8 Dr. I Rahman, MD General Medicine Mon- Sat 10 am to 4pm
9 Dr. P K Choudhary MD, DNB Nephrology Mon- Sat 10 am to 4pm
10 Dr. Sanjay Sharma,     DM Neuro Physician Mon- Sat 11am to 4 pm
11 Dr. S N Madhariya, MS, MCH Neuro Surgery Mon- Sat 9am to 4 pm
12 Dr. Pankaj Dhabalia, MBBS, D Ortho Orthopedics Mon- Sat 8am to 12 am
1.30 pm to 4.30 pm
13 Dr. Ajay Parashar, MS, MCH(Uro) Uro-surgery Mon- Sat 9.30am to 11 am
2 pm to3 pm


Admission Procedure

Consultants at Out Patient Department (OPD) may decide to admit a patient and in this case it is advisable to book the bed and Operation Theatre (if required) in advance. Bookings are done at the admission reception counter in the hospital lobby.

Some emergencies come through the Accident & Emergency Department is open all 24 hours, every day of the week for emergencies. Our admission procedure is very simple. You have to register the details of your case and pay a deposit. Please request for a handout on important information regarding Admission, Billing, Discharge & Refund.

When you come to the hospital for the first time, either as an inpatient or as an outpatient, you receive a card with your "Registration Number".

We create your medical record with this identification number, update and preserve it with utmost care and confidentiality. This number and card enable speedy retrieval of your medical records each time you need to see a doctor.

The Registration counter has a Schedule of charges for different types of rooms is available at the Registration counter. The charges vary depending upon the kind of room you select. Should you require an estimate of costs for your hospitalization, kindly consult your doctor.

The consultant admitting you will explain to you the nature of your disease and the treatment planned. We request you to read carefully and sign consent forms given to you prior to your admission and any procedures such as Cardiac Catheterization, surgical procedure etc., to ensure that you have been properly informed. Please do not hesitate to ask any questions if you find the information inadequate or vague.

Discharge Procedure

This will enable you and your family doctor to follow-up your treatment at home. Investigations Reports will be given to you at the time of discharge. If some investigation reports are missing, the same may kindly be collected between 8.00 AM to 8.00 PM on all working days from Out Patient Department (OPD) reception.

It is important that you arrange to leave by the discharge time, so that we can prepare the bed and the room for new arrivals. If you are unable to leave by the morning discharge time, bed charges for the day will be added to your bill. We request you to follow a few procedures when you check out of the Hospital.
Your bill will be a comprehensive one, with all charges included, and no payments should be made outside of what is specified in your bill. All details of bed charges, investigations, doctor's visit fees, and surgeon's fees will be shown on your bill. In case you have any queries, you are requested to contact the Admission and Billing Department.

All outstanding bills must be cleared promptly. Everyday, you will receive a statement of charges accrued to your account. You, or your attendant, should review these bills so that you can make payment on time. Prompt clearance of your bills will help facilitate your discharge.
Please contact the Billing Department for any help you require in this regard. Your admission/security deposit will be adjusted only against your final bill at the time of discharge. The Hospital undertakes arrangements with reputed companies for credit.


Your patient requires rest. Please restrict your visitors to the absolute minimum. Visitors and visiting hours are restricted. Only one visitor's pass is issued per patient at the time of admission. Children under ten years of age should not be brought into patient's room or wards in the interest of their own health and as they tend to disturb the patients. Visitors are strictly restricted in the Critical Care Units.

Visiting Hours: 10.00AM-11.00 AM, 6.00PM – 7.00PM