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Patient Experiences

Mr. Pradeep Dhurve's experience on intestine cancer treatment at CARE Hospitals, Raipur

I did not face any problem here. In fact, I felt I was at home rather than in a hospital. It’s been a year since I got operated and I get the same care and response from everyone even today when I visit for my check-up — from the ward boy to the doctors. I am thankful to the doctor for saving my life. My family and friends were very skeptical about my recovery but, thanks to the doctor and staff, I’m fine now.

Ms. Pinky Sathpathi speaks about her renal treatment at CARE Hospitals, Raipur

Thanks to the doctors here I feel better now. Even now they are in the process of treating me and are prescribing medicines to help ease my problems. Whenever I have a problem I call the doctor. He tells me which medicines to take and is always available when I need help.

Mr. Pradeep Kumar Jain speaks about his kidney operation at CARE Hospitals, Raipur

Dr. Ajay Parashar is a wonderful doctor... Just like his talk, his treatment is also wonderful.I fall short of words to describe the support he gave me during the operation. It's not just the doctor; everybody helped me in my recovery. I did not face any problems in this hospital; post operative care was also good....Now all my health complications have reduced and I'm healthy.

Mr. Chandra Prakash talks about laparoscopic surgery of his mother at CARE Hospitals, Raipur

Though the doctor had initially considered an open surgery, the stones in both the kidneys were removed using laparoscopy. A lot of care is taken of the patient here in Ramkrishna CARE Hospitals. We did not face any problem during our stay. In this area, CARE Hospitals is the only multi-specialty hospital.

Mr. Madhu Singh speaks about treatment for high fever of her son Abishek at CARE Hospitals, Raipur

We came to CARE Hospitals as it is the best. There is a very homely feeling here and the services and staff are excellent. Discipline is excellent and the patient and family are filled with confidence. Ramkrishna CARE is the only place in Raipur that one can get treated for even the most severe cases. Complete care is given here.

Mr. R N Aravind Mishra speaks about his tracheostomy treatment at CARE Hospitals, Raipur

The staff in this hospital takes care of each and every patient. The hospital is renowned for the polite and friendly behaviour of the doctors and staff. I received wonderful treatment here and only because of the treatment, today I am fit and healthy.

Mr. Suresh Kumar talks about hole in the heart surgery of his son Sravan at CARE Hospitals, Raipur

The operation was successful and my child is safe now. The commitment of the doctors and sisters in this hospital is excellent, and the hospital environment is good. They take very good care of the patient. The doctors are well qualified and they gave excellent treatment to my son. Today, he is healthy and is also gaining weight like a normal child. The doctors too are happy with him as they performed a major and critical operation on an infant successfully...Whatever your problem is, just come to Ramkrishna CARE Hospitals and, regardless of whether you are big or small, the doctors here will make you happy. (the child had a hole in his heart.

Ms. Rajini's experience on endoscopic treatment for bile duct obstruction at CARE Hospitals, Raipur

I was close to death but the doctor and his team saved me. The confidence the doctors gave me is beyond words. All I can say is that they have given me a new life. Now I only come for regular check-ups. I’m healthy, fit and able to work at my job. The treatment, ambience and the service here kept me healthy. The nurses faced many challenges, but with their patience and kindness, they won our hearts.

Mr. Ravi Prakash Shukla's experience on liver damage treatment at CARE Hospitals, Raipur

We are all thankful to CARE Hospitals for saving my son's life. Dr. Pandey, Dr. Manju and their staff extended their full cooperation — from admission to discharge. We had a wonderful experience with this hospital. The doctors on duty were very helpful and we cannot forget the kind of moral support they showed. Unlike in other hospitals, here the patient's health is given priority over money. All the required tests were done on an emergency; if any medicine was not available, they bought it from outside. They took care like they would for their own family member. We are very fortunate that we came to CARE Hospitals. We came in an emergency situation and now we are going back in a

Mr. Vikas Sharma speaks about his endoscopic surgery at CARE Hospitals, Raipur

Seeing the confidence of the doctor I understood that he was performing a procedure that would help me.The way he spoke to me, it did not feel like he was a doctor, more like a parent. The difference between doctors in CARE and those in other hospitals is that the other doctors simply reach a conclusion with regard to the treatment, while doctors at CARE take the time to find out the most effective and convenient means with which to treat the patient.

Mr Gurmeet Singh from Raipur speaks of his Liver Transplantation at CARE Hospitals, Visakhapatnam

The way Dr Thomas and his team work is excellent and we don’t have to worry about anything. I was sure I would die. I am alive only because of Dr. Tom Cherian. Whoever needs to get operated upon, visit Dr Thomas; it is not necessary to visit other doctors. I suggest to others to get treatment in CARE Hospitals. It is the best in India.

Mr K S N Murthy on treatment for Adrenal Gland Cancer

He (Dr. Cherian) is just like a friend. He is very friendly and always smiling. He reassures and instills confidence in us. This is a very good thing about him! I am 62 and was afraid about getting operated upon at this age. But because of the motivation I received from Dr. Cherian, I went ahead. Today I can testify that there is no need to fear. Even 65 or 66 year old people can get this surgery done without fear.