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Patient Experiences

Emergency Medicine

The Emergency Department of Ramakrishna Care Hospital (RKCH) is a 10 bedded; state of the art tertiary level care unit. The emergency department attends to about 700 patients per month; 70% of whom get admitted to the hospital.

Majority of the patients attending the emergency are seriously ill who are immediately assessed for homodynamic status; stabilized with necessary interventions; provisional diagnosis established and appropriate disposition constitutes decided.
Emergency Medicine is a growing specialty in India. While the importance and relevance of this specialty in improved patient engagement and reducing morbidity and mortality is well established – the level of emergency care still remains at a relatively primary level in cities and towns across the country. However the emergency department of RKCH is the one unit in the state of Chhattisgarh which is manned 24/7 by physicians trained in the science of emergency medicine.

The emergency department has a separate resuscitation bay for taking care of critically ill patients requiring immediate stabilization procedures. Majority of the beds in the emergency department are monitored with facilities for continuous assessment of vital signs including cardiac monitoring which makes early detection of cardiac emergencies particularly life threatening rhythm disturbances possible. Such facilities are definitely life saving for patients presenting with cardiac emergencies.

The emergency has facilities for non invasive and invasive ventilation. Ventilator is available in the emergency for patients with respiratory emergencies who require emergent life saving intervention.

All life saving medications including inotropes; IV antiarrythmics; antihypertensives; fiibrinolytics are available in the emergency. All emergency doctors and nursing personal are well trained and familiar with their indications and uses.

Stroke thrombolysis and fibrinolytic therapy in myocardial infarction are regularly performed in the emergency department. Successful cases of cerebral and coronary thrombolysis are a regular part of the department’s patient care program.
Proactive interventions and management on part of the emergency department has resulted in successful treatment and restoration of pre event level of activity and life style for patients of stroke and heart attack.

The following procedures are regularly performed in the emergency department:

  • Endotracheal Intubation
  • Central Venous Access
  • Tube Thoracostomy
  • Transcutaneous and transvenous pacing

Pleural; peritoneal tapping Suturing – including advanced face and neck suturing Stabilization of fractures – plastering and casting Reductions – including big joints like shoulder; elbow; knee.

The emergency department has an attached operation theater which is equipped to perform multiple procedures. This is a unique feature of the emergency department of RKCH where we have an in department operative unit that is being utilized for patient benefit. Commonly performed procedures:

  • Fracture reductions
  • Advanced suturing Tendon Repair
  • Joint Aspiration and Infiltration
  • Bronchoscopy Bladder Wash
  • Maxillo Facial procedure
  • Plastic Surgery procedures including dressing and grafting.

Patients can undergo required procedure sand get discharged after a period of observation.

American Heart Association BLS (Basic Life Support) ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) and PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support) guidelines are meticulously followed during resuscitation of critically ill patients presenting to the emergency.
Strict adherence to guidelines; continuous training and updating has resulted in multiple success stories where patients presenting even in states of cardiac arrest have been successfully resuscitated.

The emergency department of RKCH has an on going 3 year completed residency program in emergency medicine.
The Masters in Emergency Medicine (MEM) is an internationally approved training program for doctors affiliated and endorsed by the Society for Emergency Medicine, India (SEMI).
This is an intensive training program for doctors - who are being trained in emergency medicine so as to provide advanced emergency care to the populace of Chhattisgarh at par with the current international guidelines and standard.

Emergency care at RKCH is evidence based; protocolized and standardized keeping in mind international standards.

Delivered by caring and committed doctors and nurses who are specially trained in emergency care with a vision towards continued improvement and up gradation.


Dr. Sujoy Das Thakur

Qualifications: MBBS,MEM(Energency Medicine)
Designation: Senior Consultant
Specialty: Emergency Medicine
Location: Ramkrishna CARE Hospitals, Dhamtari Road, Raipur

Dr. Santosh Kumar Singh

Qualifications: MBBS,MEM(Energency Medicine)
Designation: Senior Consultant
Specialty: Critical Care
Location: Ramkrishna CARE Hospitals, Dhamtari Road, Raipur