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Patient Experiences



"To Provide Care That People Trust"


At Ramkrishna CARE Hospital we emphasize on Patient Care First and we believe that our Employees play a vital role in delivering the same.

Ramkrishna CARE is not only committed to creating and maintaining a work environment where staff can use their skills, talents and abilities to deliver high quality healthcare and service to patients, staff and visitors.


"To ensure business performance and competitive advantage by attracting, managing and building talented associates. To add value and strengthen organizational capability so as to meet the strategic objective of Ramkrishna Care Hospital."

Ramkrishna Care Hospital – We do not create employment We create Relationships

We ensure that the right people are there at the right job and see to it that they are able to meet both their own needs and the organization.

We nourish each individual's capabilities and competencies to achieve individual and organizational effectiveness. We believe in continuous up gradation; hence learning is a continuous process to help the individuals improve their thinking pattern resulting into behavior and attitudinal modulation to adapt to the changing environment.

At Ramkrishna CARE, we offer a very conducive environment that inspires thinking, fosters team spirit and open communication. We provide a challenging work environment for excellent career development opportunities. We wish to create a spirit of teamwork amongst all our associates and a culture of excellence in the work place.

Life @ Ramkrishna Care Hospital

  • Best Associate Awards
  • Picnics
  • Celebrations & Festivals
  • Trainings & Workshops


(*) Mandatory

1) *Updated resume
2) Scan copy of Latest passport size photograph, to

1 Pathology Lab Technician 2 DMLT 02-03 Year’s
2 MD (Medicine) 2 MD 02-05 Year’s
3 Cath Lab Technician 2 Cath Lab Technician 05-08 Year’s
4 Cath Lab Nurse 3 BSc/GNM 01-03 Year’s
5 Cath Lab In charge 1 BSc/GNM 03-08 Year’s
6 HR Executive 2 MBA – HR 01-03 Year’s
7 Dietician 1 MSc / BSc 00-02 Year’s
8 Physiotherapist 3 BPT / MPT 00-02 Year’s
9 Microbiologist 1 MSc / BSc 00-02 Year’s