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Patient Experiences

An Overview

Ramkrishna CARE is virtually a descendent of Ramkrisna Surgical Nursing Home, founded in July 1992 by Dr.Sandeep Dave as a 25 bedded un-disciplinary mediocrity, raised to 215 bedded multidisciplinary super specialties by 2004 and raised to another 200 beds multidisciplinary super specialties by Oct 2017 through immaculate and arduous team work, innovative pursuits, effervescent enterprises and intuitive foresight.

Dr. Sandeep Dave's dream had ever been to build a hospital with dedicated posture, meticulously designed , futuristically styled with an eco-friendly and patient-friendly bearing, unparalleled in skill and specialization, exemplary in nursing care, and affordable to all classes of society of this region.

Inaugurated on 17 October 2004 in a new building in a different and versatile habitat and in a new grab of Private Company at Pachpedi Naka, Raipur, with 20 upgradable and sustainable super-specialties commanding absolute faith of patients, Ramkrishna Surgical Nursing Home never compromised while rendering quality health service, with state of the art equipment, dexterity and technology.

Infused with kindled and stirring rationality, reasonability, solidity, judgment and profundity each and every molecule of this hospital was in perfect harmony while inviting the searching glances of Care Group of Hospitals, Hyderabad, which ultimately culminated in a wedlock and interlacing of Ramkrishna and Care on 10th may 2007 being renamed as Ramkrishna Care Medical Sciences Pvt. Ltd.

This confluence of these two entities pursuing the same goal of preparing a crucible for amalgamization of new ideas and research for human care, concern and benevolence has made Ramkrishna Care a Hospital of advantages and opportunities, a friend for life, that touches and lifts, a companion in solitude that caresses and fondles, a team partner that supports and upholds and blows a new meaning into life which never betrays.

The visible contours of our venture and transformation forecast that Ramkrishna Care is going to serve as a growth island and catalyst for the development of Chhattisgarh.