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Patient Experiences

3D Laparoscopy

1st 3D laparoscopy surgery has been done in central India at Ramkrishna CARE hospitals Raipur Chhattisgarh. The EINSTEIN VISION-2 3D helps restore the surgeon's natural 3D vision and depth perception during surgical procedures

Innovation in laparoscopy

Robot-assisted laparoscopy has become established on account of outstanding 3D image quality. With its Einstein Vision 3D system, Aesculap offers an innovative solution for conventional laparoscopy.

Improves efficiency

Superb Full HD visualization combined with the latest in 3D technology optimizes hand-eye coordination and can support the surgeon to maintain a high level of concentration.

Increases precision

The spatial vision facilitates unerring work, helps to correctly pick up delicate structures, exactly positioning suture needles, and precisely separating extremely fine tissue structures. The Einstein Vision 3D system helps you to achieve excellent operation results.

Supports learning

This technology is of particular benefit to junior surgeons, since 3D orientation within the operating field corresponds to natural spatial vision