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Patient Experiences


Successful ABO incompatible Kidney transplant at RKCH ,Team of Doctors from RKCH, Dr Sanjeev Anant Kale, Dr Prawash Kumar Chaudhary and Dr Ajay Parashar

The patient was refused by many hospitals due to difference in blood group FIRST successful ABO incompatible Kidney transplant in Chhattisgarh took place at Ramkrishna Care Hospital (RCH). Patient is now leading a healthy life. Dr Prawash Kumar Chaudhary, Nephrologist informed that in ABO incompatible transplant kidney can be transplanted to patient of different blood group. It was not possible earlier and kidney transfer was possible only between same group of donor and receiver. Dr Sanjeev Anant Kale, Nephrologist and Dr Prawash Kumar’s team has made it possible through hard work. It has brought great relief to patients. Dr Chaudhary further informed that with help of Dr Ajay Parashar, of Urology Department it became possible. The patient was suffering for many months because the donor’s blood group was AB positive which differed from receiver patient’s blood group. Receiver had ‘A’ blood group. The patient was refused by many hospitals due to difference in blood group. The donor is the patient’s wife and after 10-15 days of operation the patient was discharged from the hospital. The success of ABO incompatible renal transplant has brought new ray of hope for the patients suffering from kidney ailment and advised transplant. Dr Sandeep Dave, Medical Director and Dr Tanushree Siddharth, HCOO have congratulated the team of doctors and informed that this facility is only available in RCH in central India.